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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And the engine is out!!!

That was hard!!!

We had to attach the engine to a chain, and hoist it up, then disconnect it from the transmission and exhaust and all that stuff!!!  Then we very carefully lifted it ou!!!  That was hard because I had to go under the car to unbolt the transmission!  It’s dark and smelly under there!!! Awww!!!

But then we carefully wheeled the engine over to a stand and bolted it on, and, well… now it’s ready to work on!!!

Dave seems really excited. I guess he likes doing this kind of stuff.  Well, he is an engineer.  And it’s kinda fun to see how it all goes together.  I told Rebecca and crowd and they just said “eww!  I’d break a nail!”

Well…  I guess.  But that’s never really mattered too much to me.  And that’s why God made manicures, right? Haha!!!

So tomorrow we’re going to start ripping the heads off and see what all the damage is.  Dave’s already said if the heads are damaged we’re not going to try to remachine them or anything, because that’s something for highly skilled people to do that’s not us.  So we’ll just buy a remanufactured head.

They make those!!!

But Dave said there’s all sorts of machining and sanding and lapping and other words I didn’t really understand that need to be done, and he doesn’t know how to do it, and it should be done right.  So, I guess that makes sense.  Some things it’s just better to pay people to do.

Like when I had the accountant do our taxes!

Speaking of which, those got sent in a couple of days ago…  and we ended up owing some!  Aww!  But I guess it’s okay, it wasn’t too much.  That’s just part of doing business.

Speaking of which, even with taxes, it’s doing really well.  We’re getting close to being able to afford another baker!!!

Which would be nice.  Sabby and baker together are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

But for the most part everyone’s pretty happy.  Oh!  Katie’s starting to show pretty well now!  She’s a bit moody and gets sick often and likes to eat weird stuff, but…  she seems pretty happy about the whole situation all told.  I guess having a good support system helps.  … I should know, right?  I guess the guy is trying to get her to, umm… “take care of the problem”, but she’s refusing.  She says he ran away, he lost any right to tell her what to do.  Awww.  Besides, she wants it.

I hope she can find someone to help her raise it.  She’s pretty and smart and cheerful, I’m sure she’ll find someone!!!

Anyway, that’s all the news!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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