Hi! It’s me! Lilly!

And it boomed!  And rained!  And rained!  And boomed!!!

Lots of rain!!!

But we always need the rain.

So Dave and I got the heads off the engine tonight, and yeah.  We got some bent valves.  Bad!!!  The pushrods are a bit messed up too.  So Dave’s going to go ahead and order some remanufactured heads, and a gasket, and some bolts…  But when we looked at the pistons… they weren’t in very good shape.  Got pretty banged up.  Pretty sure there’s at least a bent rod, and it looks like one of the pistons is cracked.  But the good news is, the bores look alright, from what we can see.  Just the pistons got it.

So we have more to do!

I learned a lot, though.  I learned how dirty an engine is, and how tight the head bolts are!! I used a breaker bar as long as my arm!!!  And even then I had to put all my weight on it!  And I don’t weigh a lot!!!

But I’m a strong girl!!!

So more to do!!!

But otherwise a pretty quiet day.  Just hot and humid.  Awww.

Okay!  Gotta go!

Love you all!!! ❤

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