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Hi’! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s Friday night, so we didn’t work on the car tonight!!!

We had a mini pizza party!!!  Yum!!!

Everyone came over and we had pizza and soda and… chocolate!  Of course we had chocolate! It’s not a party without chocolate!  And Katie came over too!  She really likes chocolate right now!!!

After we ate, we watched a movie too!  But… it was a boring movie, so I don’t remember its name.  Aww.  It had… people, and things, I guess.

But most movies these days are boring, I’m not even really sure why we bother.

Anyway, we didn’t work on the car today.  Too much other stuff to do.  But this weekend we’re going to tear the block down and see how bad the piston damage is!  Aww!!!

Oh and Jack isn’t grounded as of tomorrow!  We’re going to go out!!!  Yaaayy!  I miss him!!!

Okay!  Everyone wants to sleep now!  Even Marie!

Love you all!!! ❤

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