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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

After work we took Marie to the dog park to meet all the other dogs.  She had a blast!  Some dogs weren’t the nicest, but most just wanted to play, and Marie’s all about the playing!

I.. I wonder how Marie (the dog in my dream) got her name…

Anyway, she ran herself silly.  By the time she got home she was conked out.  Went right for my bed.  Sigh.

This morning I told Sabby that I needed to go to work and someone else could take her for a walk.  David drew the short end of that straw.  But that’s okay.  He needs to learn some responsibility.  I hear he was complaining, but did it anyway.  The girls (except for Liz) stayed over to spend time with Beth.  That’s okay, they’re primarily her friends anyway, right?  I mean, I love Beth and Crystal and Diana, but Beth’s the one who really needs friends, so…

I get to be the big sister.

I’m fine with that.

Oh oh oh did I tell you? Liz has a date tonight!  With that boy she likes!  I told her to tell me all about it when she gets home!  And to BE CAREFUL!!!

Off to do hair brushing!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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