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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Lily talks in the third person because she’s a silly-billy!  Silly-billy-Lily!  Hahaha!!!

Allison has a birthday coming up,.  I hear she has some big tests going on.  I’m sure she’ll do well.  I’ve been thinking of something to get her, but I have some ideas!!! Maybe I’ll make her something!  Haha!!!  Dave has a 3d printer and engraver sitting around that I’ve never really learned how to use, maybe now is a good time!!!

I’m feeling a little better today.  Not too much better, but some.  Sometimes it helps to just have a routine.  It’s Monday, so we went to classes, I dropped Beth off at her mentor’s, I got some chocolate (of course), then came home.  Just a normal day I guess.  Everyone wanted details of my date with Jack on the group chat.  Of course I didn’t tell anything important, and Jack was a gentleman too.  I told them about Grace though.  They love Grace.  Of course they do!  Everyone does!

This Saturday Golden Week starts in Japan!  Ai’s really existed!!! I told her about Adult Day and Ordinary Day and she laughed hard!  haha!!! I wish I could be there.  It seems like so much fun.  But I guess I can’t have everything, right?

Oh did I tell you Ai has a boyfriend?  Well… not really.  It’s kind of tame.  But he gave her a headpat and apparently she blushed so hard she started sweating!  Haha!!! I haven’t talked to him but he seems nice.  They’re a bit stricter about that kind of thing in Japan, but they’re still spending some time together, and they might even hold hands while watching the fireworks next week!

She really hopes.

She’s looking forward to coming back to Texas too.  Maybe she can come when the rodeo takes place and the waterparks are open!!!  But we’ll see.  She did like Christmas, so maybe she’ll come then again.  She had a pretty good time.

Her dog is quite the character too!  Haha!!!  So dog much happy!!!

Okay!!!  I guess that’s all for today!!!  It’ll be a week!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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