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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily Smith!!!


So yesterday i was just having an ordinary boringly boring day, when we had some visitors to the house.  It was our lawyer, and he had someone else with him!  It was a judge!

They sat us all down in the living room and told me that she would sign the adoption papers today, like RIGHT NOW, but she had a few questions to ask first.

She asked Sabby if she was willing to be my adopted mother.  She couldn’t answer through the tears but choked out a “yes”.

She asked Dave, and he just softly said, “She’s already like our second daughter.  Of course.”

Beth simply said “She’s already my sister.”

David, of course, shrugged.  That was good enough.  He’s nine anyway.

Then the judge, finally, asked me what I wanted.

The tears were rolling down my face, and all I said was “If I ever get my memories back, I’d want Dave and Sabby to be my real parents too.”  At that point Sabby just lost it and glomped me.  The judge looked a bit amused, but her eyes were wet as well.  Even our lawyer seemed misty-eyed.

And then the judge signed the papers, and it was done.  She explained that for people like me that don’t have a recorded birthday (usually those are third world people but I guess I’m an exception) my birthday will be Jan. 1.  I asked her if it could be July 25, but she said that her powers were limited and that’s all she could do.  But that makes me sixteen!  I can get a job and learn to drive and all those things sixteen year olds can do!!!  I’m so happy!!!!!!

After all was concluded, the judged asked if she could give me a hug, and I happily agreed.  She told me I could go to the courthouse and get all the documents by the end of the week.  She wished me a good life and left.

I glomped Sabby.  I was crying.  “What – how -“, I asked through the tears.

She hugged me back.  “I have no idea.  I think they wanted to get it out of the way before the school year started.  You’re not going back there, and neither are Beth or David.”

David cheered.  “No school!!!”

Sabby looked at him reprovingly.  “Not so fast.  I hired a teacher for you three.  She teaches a few other students as well.  You’re getting an education, and you won’t be able to get away with stuff like you would at your regular school.”

“Aw man,” he said, dejectedly, and sulked back up to his room.  Sabby chuckled.

Beth looked pensive.  “What about my friends?”

“What about them?  If they’re your friends, you’ll figure it out.  If they’re not, we’ll find you new ones.”

I piped up, “You said your friends were doing things you didn’t want to do anyway!”

Sabby’s face turned thunderous.  “Explain.  Now,” she said to Beth.  Beth gave me the evil eye, but did as she was told.  She told Sabby about how her friends would just sit at the convenience store and talk about boys, and how she wanted to talk about more interesting stuff, and her friends didn’t care.

Sabby’s expression became more neutral as she realized it wasn’t as bad as she thought.  “I see.  We’ll talk about this later.  I really do wish you would have told me this earlier.”

Beth side-glanced at me.  I think I messed up.

“But today we’re going to celebrate Lily’s official adoption.  Clean up.  We’re going to lunch.”

Beth still didn’t look happy, but she did like to eat.  We went to a steakhouse.  It was delicious.  Everyone was happy, but Beth was a little cold.  I don’t think I blamed her.

Later that evening, I knocked on Beth’s door.  She was quiet but said “come in” anyway.  I opened it hesitantly.

“I’m sorry -” I said.

She sighed.  “Don’t be.  I wish you hadn’t told my secret.  I’m still just a bit mad about that.  But you were right.  I always feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m with them.”

“Maybe you need new friends.”

“Maybe I do,” she said.  “Or maybe I need to talk to them first and tell them I want to do more interesting things sometimes.  Mom talked to me privately about peer pressure.  She’s right.  It’s not good for me.”

I sat on the bed next to her and reached for the hairbrush.  She automatically turned her back to me and removed her hairpins.  I started brushing her hair.

“I’m still sorry,” I said.  “I shouldn’t have blurted that out.”

Her eyes were already closed.  “It’s alright,” she mumbled, her eyes already starting to droop.  “I forgive.. you…” she was already starting to zone out.  I made it an extra good brushing, and even added in a bit of a scalp massage.  I really didn’t mean it.

So I’m officially officially a Smith now!  And Beth is my sister!  And even when we’re mad at each other we’ll still be sisters!  I love Beth!!!  I love Sabby!!! I love everyone!!!!!!

And I love you all!!!! ❤️

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