This diary entry is part 13 of 30 in Lily's diary dated 02 - August 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I’m sorry Liz!!!  I’m so sorry!!!

I remember when I first met Liz.  We were in an online school, and I can’t remember why, but we started to chat over DM.  I think she had a question.  But we started talking, and found out we lived just a few doors from each other, and I went to visit.  Her parents, were nice, but strict.  When the lockdowns were lifted, we started going places together, and I found out I really liked her!  You see, I didn’t have any family!  I mean, I had Sabby and Dave, but I didn’t trust them yet, and Beth and David hated me!  She was always there for me!

But lately, as my relationship with my family improved, I didn’t spend as much time with Liz, and now I think she feels left out.  OMG, I’m sooooo sorry!  I really didn’t mean it, Liz!  I really didn’t!  I love you, you know that!!!!!  You’re my family too!  You’ll always be my family!!!

I remember all the fun stuff we’ve done together, and…  this hurts.  This really hurts.  I’m sorry!!!  We’re going to spend some time together today before school starts, just me and her, and…  and I’m sooo sorry.  I really am.

I need to take a shower go I can go over to Liz’s and apologize in person.  Over and over again.

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