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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

We went to the grocery store again today!  No Karens this time!  We saw the manager and he told us that Karen was officially banned from every one of their stores in the area!  She really got herself into trouble!

And after Dave had a big surprise for me!  He took me out to a deserted parking lot and let me drive!  I’ve never driven before!  It was scary and fun all at the same time!  He was very patient with me, even when I went a little too fast.

You know, I’ve never ridden a bicycle before!  I just realized that today!  I asked Dave if I can learn to ride one!  He said yes!  They have an old one in the garage that Sabby never rides, so they’re going to let me use it.  I can’t wait!  Even though I’m scared of falling off.  I guess my first lesson will be in the grass!  With long clothing!  And kneepads!

So anyway Dave let me drive, and it was really scary, but I think it was more scary for him.  He tells me I’m a responsible girl, and he was still clutching the seat like he was going to die at any minute!  He tells me there are some cars with three pedals!  Three!  How do you drive one of those?  He said if he can find one, he’ll teach me.  His voice was shaking a bit when he said that.  Haha!  Dave’s a silly billy!  Well… maybe not.  I guess me behind the wheel of a two ton hunk of steel deserves a little fear.  But he’s still a silly billy!!!

When we got home, Dave got a beer.  He never drinks.  Poor Dave.  But he did offer.  And I did alright.  No damage to us or the car, I didn’t hit anything or anyone, and it could have been much worse, especially for my first time.

Well, not much to say today.  The cat’s washing its butt again!  ewww!

Love you all!!!  ❤️

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