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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Vroom vroom!

Well, it was a day, I guess.  I went to church with my family, and the pastor actually announced that I’d been officially adopted!  It was a bit embarrassing because I was rocking out on my headphones and didn’t even hear him.  Finally sabby jabbed me in my side, and I jumped and squealed.  My headphones fell off and everyone was chuckling.  The pastor just said something like “I guess the spirit’s moving today,” and everyone started laughing.  Except me.  I was beet red.

But lots of people I didn’t even know congratulated me, so that’s nice.  I don’t really get church, honestly, but it’s nice that they at least try to be friendly and supportive.  So many hugs and handshakes, so much hand sanitizer…

You’d think they’d be a bit more careful, but they just seem to have the attitude of “if I go, I go”, and I guess it could be worse.  I’m not sure I’d ever want to entirely give up hugs, though we came pretty close when I was found.

After I got home I spent some time with Liz.  She seemed a bit more pensive than usual, and I asked her what was wrong.   You know, Liz isn’t all that expressive, right?  So it kinda shocked me when she jumped at me, glomped me, and started crying.  I was about as confused as Dave usually is, so I just hugged her and asked her what was wrong.

Well, this is a public diary, so I’m not going to tell, so nyah.

But we talked for a long time, and I forgot how nice it was, just spending time with her.  With all the stuff going on I’d forgotten.  She really is a sweet soul.  A bit hurt by life, but a sweet soul.  And I love her.

She wanted me to stay for dinner, so I checked with Dave and Sabby… no, my parents…  omg!  And they said it was alright.  Liz’s parents are distant, but nice.  They are very big on what’s proper, and don’t really like it when people deviate from that.  So we don’t talk much at the table.  I did learn to use chopsticks, though, so that’s nice.  After dinner, Liz and I went up to her room and we brushed each others’ hair and talked for a while.  It was nice.

But Liz starts school again tomorrow (and so do I, but differently) so I went home relatively early.  I guess today we’ll find out how school’s going to work.  It might be interesting.

Love you all!!!  ❤️


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