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HI! It’s me! Lily!!!

And… there’s been a bit of drama.  That’s why I didn’t write last night.

So yesterday we did the normal Sunday stuff.  You know, go to church, get chocolate pancakes, come home…  and Jack’s really having a bad time of it.

His parents had a long talk with him.

They told him that he’s turning eighteen, and that they’re not going to force him out or anything like that, but that he’d better get his butt in gear and figure out what he wants to do, because they’re not going to be housing him when he’s thirty.  And then they said that if he wants their approval to marry me someday, he’d better start planning to take care of me and any children we might have, because they won’t.

That, apparently, led to a pretty huge fight.  One I didn’t really take sides in, and now he’s a little snippy with me about that too.

I’m not going to take their side because.. he’s my boyfriend.  But I’m not going to take his side… because they’re right.

I don’t really know what to say or do.  He’s not being mean or horrible to me or anything like that, just a little… distant.

But it’s not a problem I can solve, is it?

He knows I’ll support him in whatever he wants to do, but he has to do something.  I don’t even care if he holes up in a room and writes the great american novel, or learns how to day trade, or even trades crypto (as long as he’s smart about it!).  I might have some money, but it won’t last forever.

He’s being a little sullen about it, but they’re offering an aptitude test at his school, and he’s set up an appointment with a career counselor.  I think it’s a matter of pride for him, but he knows he has to do something.  I wish I could help him find what he’s passionate about.. .well, he has, but I’m not a career.  Haha!!!

Though Sabby might say I’m a full time job.

He also needs to start applying to colleges too if he wants to get in.  His grades are okay.  Not perfect, but okay.  He might have to wait a year to establish residency here before he can attend a state college, but there may be other options.  Maybe he can go to ACC with me!  He’s not the most mechanically oriented but he could learn a trade.  I guess we’ll see how the career counselor works out.

I need to see one too.  I don’t really know what I want to do.  Like I said, I know some things, but… not what to do for a career.  Maybe I’m already doing what I want to do for a career!!!  But probably not.  I mean, yes, the business is doing alright, but I’m not nearly as involved in it as Sabby is, and… I don’t know.

It’s hard being an adult, isn’t it?

I wish I was back to two years ago, sometimes, when it was nothing but going to the mall and the waterpark.  Sabby told me then that I should enjoy being young because it wouldn’t ever come back… and she was so right.  She’s always right.

She told me if I do what cat-girl does, though, she’ll remove the tail, and not be gentle about it either.  She’s scary!

Anyway…  guess I should go.  I’m not feeling good about things right now.  But… it’ll work out.  Or it won’t.  Shikataganai, as Emiko would say.  Can’t be helped.

Love you all!!! ❤

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