This diary entry is part 21 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 26 - August 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s still hot!  Really hot!!!  There’s a tropical storm moving by to the south, but we got just a very little bit of rain today.  Awww.

Jack made his appointment with a career counselor, but he’s still not really happy about it.  I’m staying as much out of it as I can, but I’m his girlfriend, so I still get a bit of the blowback.  Aww.  I do think he sees why it’s necessary, he’s just… finding it a little difficult, for whatever reason.  But we’ll see what the career counselor says.

I’m not really sure what he’d be good at, but it’s not because I don’t think he’d be good at anything!  He just hasn’t shown me a lot.  He’s not hiding it from me, he just…  coasts.  So I don’t really know what he’s great at.  He’s pretty good with people, I think, if a bit introverted.  He’s a good big brother and boyfriend.  But career-wise?  He’s never shown much passion at anything, so I don’t know.

Oh well.  Let’s see what happens.

Otherwise it’s pretty quiet.  All the birthday preparations are happening.  The girls are doing some chattering without me, but they won’t tell me what’s going on.  Even if I begged and pleaded and offered chocolate.  Beth told me chocolate works on me more than it works on her.  Aww.  Girl’s right.

I don’t know what I could bribe Beth with.  Dark matter?  Haha.

They seem to like having a secret from me but they said it’s about my birthday and to STOP PUSHING.


But I stopped pushing.  For now.  Muahaha.

Anyway, no point in trying to find too much to talk about on a boring day, so…

Love you all!!! ❤

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