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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Today was my first day of college!!!  Well, community college, but still.  I’m going to learn so much!!!  The teachers are a lot stricter and there’s a lot more to learn, but they don’t treat you like a child either!  That’s so cool!!!

Beth and I went to the Highland campus, it’s an old mall that they turned into a campus!!!  There’s a little canteen, a bookstore, a computer lab, all that stuff.  Like a high school but for adults!!!  I like it!!

Some of my classes are remote learning, though.  So that’ll be like zoom classes at school!

Beth likes it too.  She’s finally getting challenged.  Girl is too smart for high school.

Jack made it home today.  He misses me already, but I miss him too!  Aww!  And I miss Grace!  She’s a little cutie!  Everyone loves her!  Did I mention that?  She’s like one of those cute Japanese girls in j-pop, everyone just wants to hug her and pinch her cheeks!

And…  Marie misses Lily (the dog) too!  She seems a little sad.  It stormed a lot today so I couldn’t take her to the dog park, but we’ll do that soon!  We’ll make her forget about Lily with sticks and balls!!!  And it did storm a lot today!  So much rain!  There were flash flood warnings!!!  lightning!  Thunder!  No hail or tornadoes though, thankfully!!!  I’m not used to driving in the rain but the trick is to take it slow and have Beth wipe the windows with her arms!!!  haha!! Kidding!!!  This is Texas, I haven’t got much chance to practice driving in the rain.

Okay!  It was a long week and a long day!  I’m tired and I just finished my homework anyway!  They really pile it on!  So I gotta go to bed now!

Oh!  My birthday is coming up soon!  In a couple of weeks!  I wonder what fun things I’ll do that day!!!  September 3rd!!!  YAAAAYYYY!!! I’ll be 17!  Can you believe it?  17!  I was 14 when I was found!  It’s been a while!!!  And that’s a Saturday too!!!  Maybe…  WATERPARK!!!!!!!!!

Or something just as fun.

Chocolate fountain?


Love you all!!! ❤

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