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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I have news!!!

So today I went over to the campus with Beth to go to class and do some studying.  Nothing huge… I guess this is my life now.  I’m not sure Beth likes commuting with me, but it’s how things are, and she does like going to class and learning new stuff, so I guess she’ll deal.  She’s not upset or anything, just not her favorite thing.  But Sabby and Dave are busy with their own things, and I’m going anyway, so…

I do make sure she’s well fed, though, so she does like that.  When we go to campus, she gets lunch.  I pay for some of it, and Sabby pays for the rest.

My classes have some high school students doing dual-credit courses like me, and some adults.  The adults are… ummm…  I don’t like how one or two of them look at me, but I guess adults gonna adult.  As long as they keep their adult hands to themselves, they can look at whatever.  But I haven’t forgotten what happened to Crystal, so…  most of them are pretty cool, though.  A couple could be mentors.  Maybe.  I’m particularly interested in the business courses, for obvious reasons.

But while that’s cool, that’s not news!!!  This is news!!!

I got a letter from Japan today!!!

It came from the immigration center.  When I got home, Sabby handed it to me, and said “come oooooon, open it!!!”  So… I did.

It was all in Japanese.  And while I know Japanese, I don’t really know official Japanese, which tends to be a lot more stuffy and uses all sorts of obscure and officious kanji.  But, thankfully, my phone has a translate function using the camera!  Isn’t that cool!

So I waved my phone over it, and here’s what I learned:

Apparently I visited Japan a couple of times, Once when I was nine, and once when I was eleven.  I entered at the customs checkpoint in Tokyo Narita.  The name I used was “Yuriko Nakamoto”, and…  they had a picture!  It wasn’t the best quality and only one… but there I was.  A little me!  And…  And the woman and man from my dream.

The one where I was in a field and met Marie – not the dog I have now, but the one from my dream.

I looked serious.  Not sad, not happy, just serious.  Like I had someplace to be and needed to get there.  The adults I was with looked severe, but not unkind.  I had a stuffed bear and a little backpack.

They couldn’t find any info about the man or the woman.  They apologized profusely, but somehow it had gone missing.  Hmm.

Well.  I guess I know a little more.  And I have a younger picture of me.  That’s something.  And… was my dream real?

I need to go to bed.  I feel a little sad.

Love you all!!! ❤

Lily, it’s your friend from Washington.  Be careful.  You’re coming close to learning things you should not know.

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