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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well, I don’t know what to think of my “anonymous benefactor”.  But whoever it is, they sent chocolate, and a lot of it.  And no way am I letting that go to waste.

So tonight is a chocolate party.

I called all the girls over and said “I have more chocolate here than we could possibly eat in one sitting, but we’re sure gonna try.”  So Liz, Crystal, Diana, Allison, and some of their families, came over.  Dave grilled (yum) and we had a party, and afterwards I broke out the huge box o’ chocolate and we just pigged out.  OMG was that delicious chocolate.  My “anonymous benefactor” knows their way around chocolate, gotta hand it to them.

As I mentioned, Liz isn’t a huge fan of chocolate, but this was the gourmet stuff, and no way was she missing out on that.  Even she had to admit that this was something special.  So, I’m sure my anonymous benefactor would love to know that the chocolate was appreciated and we made a significant dent in it.

Forgiven?  Like I said, not sure. But that was good chocolate, and chocolate does cover a multitude of sins.  It takes a lot to get me that mad, and a lot to make up for it.  But they sure had the right idea…

Now we’re having a party.  But earlier Beth and I told all the girls how community college is, and they told us how school is (Allison is reallllllly happy with her Quest program, and Crystal’s having a bit of a hard time getting along) and we just chomped on chocolate and leftover grill stuff.  Our tummies are full.  A bit too full, actually.  Ooooh.  Allison has to go home, but the rest of us are going to make a girl-pile.  It’s been a rough week and they’re very warm and smell like girl.

Anyway, Not much to say tonight.  Marie can’t eat chocolate, but we’ve got doggy treats for her, so everyone’s happy.  But she needs a walk.  I’m glad it’s cooler out now, I think the 100 degree weather is over.  I hope.  I love Texas, but that can be a lot.

Love you all!!! ❤

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