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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Beth and I went to classes today.  They started just last week so this was the first class for this particular topic.  They had us go around the room and introduce ourself.  There’s a girl there who speaks with a Japanese accent and has a Japanese name!!!

So we were told to pair up into groups and we ended up together!  We’ll be working together for the rest of the semester!!!

Her name’s Yuki and she seems really nice, smart too.  Her English isn’t great but she seems to be doing okay.  I wonder how she ended up in Texas, of all places?  And attending the college I’m attending?  Usually Japanese people go to a more… prestigious University.  I think it’ll be fun to get to know her.  She seemed impressed that I can speak Japanese as well as I can.

I asked her where she lives and she says she lives with a host family, she’s here on a student visa.  I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers.  Yay!  New friend!!!  Maybe I’ll invite her over sometime to have some real Sabby food.  I thought about inviting her to my birthday party but that seems a bit intense for someone I just met, right?

She’s a little mysterious, though.  She carries herself very confidently.  Like she’s had training.  She’s very pretty and seems very skilled with makeup.  She wears very nice clothes.  And she asked me if I knew much about J-Pop.  I said I only really know a little, and she seemed relieved.  I wonder why that was.

Anyway, it’s a little cooler today!  It was even “cool” enough to do some stuff outside this evening without getting roasted!!!

All the girls are still chattering about my birthday party but won’t tell me anything.  Awww.  But I guess that’s just what sisters do, right?

Thankfully, no dreams or anything like that.  I still don’t know what to make of any of it.  Sabby suggested maybe I should pray.  Maybe I should.  I don’t really have anything to lose, right?

Oh and in all the ruckus yesterday I forgot to mention it rained a little!!!!  First time in months!!! Or at least one of very very few times!!! Yayyy!!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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