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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Yes, THE Lily!  Accept no imitations!

Late entry, and I’ll probably have to go to bed shortly.  This morning we did have a Bible study, and it didn’t turn out well.  I had so many questions!  We started with the first part.  “In the beginning”, and so on, and so forth.  I asked how there could be light if the sun hadn’t yet been created?  After all it said he separated the light from the darkness on the first day, but the lights weren’t put in the sky until the fourth day – after he produced all the vegetables.

Sabby sighed.  She rubbed her forehead and said she wasn’t a pastor and was too old for this.  She closed the Bible and instead got out a board game.

Honestly, I thought that was a fair question.  But I guess that was the deal.  We’d have Bible studies only if I could ask any question I wanted.  I asked, and the Bible study stopped.  Malicious compliance, I guess, on both our parts.

That actually hurt a little.  I asked a fair question.  But oh well.  Sometimes adults are silly billies.

After we spent some family time, I went over and spent some time with Liz.  We walked over to the convenience store and got some treats.  I saw Beth hanging out with her friends, but she looked sad.  I met her friends.  I guess they were nice enough girls, but Beth is way too smart for them.  They were ogling boys and were perfectly made up, and Beth was… well, Beth.  Poor girl.  Liz and I invited her to go with us, and she gratefully accepted.

We walked back to the house, and Dave offered to take us to practice driving.  Even Beth.  I didn’t mind.  We found an out of the way parking lot (not many of those around here, but lots of businesses are closed now because of the virus and because it’s Sunday, so we pretty much had our pick).  We took turns giving Dave a heart attack.  Poor Dave!  But we all came out of it in one piece, and Beth was surprisingly good!  Though she won’t be able to drive legally for a while yet.

For dinner, Sabby ordered pizza.  That’s not something Liz usually likes, but we found a place that makes a veggie pizza that doesn’t offend her sensibilities, so we chowed down.  Then we did homework.  I almost forgot to blog, but here I am!  Silly Billy Lily at your service!

School tomorrow!!!  Love you all!!!!! ❤️


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