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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s just another Wednesday.

I had class with Yuki today, and we got into a bit of trouble for being too chatty.  Bad me!!!  But I did invite her to have dinner with us tonight (after checking with Sabby).  It’s cool enough out (and that’s not really cool, but at least not 100) that Dave’s grilling tonight.  Yuki’s never been to a real American grilling.  So… she came over tonight.

I think David has a crush on her – but he has a crush on everyone.

She really liked the grilled chicken – with all the fixins…  she’s not a very big girl, but she sure fit a lot in there.  Haha!!!  Don’t blame her, Dave’s grilling is the best.

Afterwards we just sat around and chatted for a while.  She didn’t really seem to want to talk about her life in Japan, and I didn’t push.  Every time I asked, she changed the subject.  She’s really good at that.  Haha.  I played piano a little for her, and she seemed to really like it.  She asked me if I knew a particular j-pop song.  I didn’t but found the sheet music online.  I’d never heard of the group before, but the song was okay.  Not too hard.

She’s really good!  Even knew the dances and everything!  She looked a little embarrassed when I stopped, though… and a little wistful somehow.

Anyway, after that, I introduced her to some of the really good chocolate my “benefactor” sent and, she likes chocolate almost as much as I do!  We destroyed some of it!  WORTH IT!!! Hahaha!!!!

I took her home…  when we were back at her host house, she fidgeted a little…  then told me to look up the Jpop group that I had the sheet music to.  Then she bowed and hustled inside.

After I got home, I looked it up.

I saw a few performances.

The group was on stage, in an concert hall with like twenty or thirty thousand people, with glow sticks and chanting and everything.  And…  there was Yuki.  Right there, in the middle.  Microphone on her head, cute outfit, twintails, everything.

No wonder she was so good at the dances!

Wow.  She’s… an actual Jpop idol.  Or… she was, anyway.

That’s why I haven’t told you the group.  She seems to want to keep it to herself for a reason.  And… I don’t blame her.  I’ve heard stories.

I need to ask her about that.  After all, she seemed to want me to know.  I wonder why she told me so fast.  Am I going to have another sister?

Love you all!!! ❤️

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