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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We’re HOME!!!

We hopped on a plane this morning and got back to Austin this afternoon!!!

Oh I love love love my bed!!!! It’s so soft and warm and…  well, the hotel beds were nice too, but they weren’t MINE.

So the first thing we did was go pick up Marie, who was amazingly happy to see all of us.  I mean she had friends with all her doggy friends, but she caught a whiff of us and was bouncing up and down and jumping on us and whining, and now she won’t leave our side.  It’s so cute.  The second thing we did after bring Marie home was go grocery shopping, because we’re really low (I stayed home with Marie).  The third thing we did was go visit Katie and her new baby!!!

It’s.. a baby!!!

Sabby and Beth and I were cooing and making silly noises, and David just looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.  Katie looks exhausted but said the church was taking pretty good care of her, so that’s good.  We’re going to babysit when we can – I guess I need to learn to change diapers!!!

And then we came home and napped.

I’m going to see Jack tomorrow!!!

Anyway…  it’s good to be home.  I loved Japan, but.. it’s good to be home.  Hot weather and sparse grass and no mountains and everything.

BTW.. if you’re curious, I think Cat noticed we were gone.  I think.  Hard to be sure.

Love you all!!! ❤

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