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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Jet Lagged Lily!!!

Anyway, today, we’re in LAX.  We all decided to get a hotel, well, those of us who are going back to Texas anyway, and we’re there now.  There’s Dave and Sabby and David in one room, Me, Beth, Liz, Crystal, and Diana in another room, and Emiko and family in their room.  It all works out.  It’s kind of similar arrangements to the hotel in Tokyo except Robert and family (and friends) all went home to do their own thing.  Probably sleep.  I don’t blame them.

We just kind of lounged around today.  I guess we could have gotten cabs or ubers and seen the sights, but we’re just all travelled out.  So we just hung around the hotel.  We checked in early to a hotel, they were nice enough to find some rooms for us.  They had a nice breakfast (which we barely arrived in time for) so we had something to eat, and then just crashed for a while.  This afternoon we played games and kind of had a relaxed afternoon (we did spend a bit of time in the pool), and then we ordered a few pizzas for dinner.  And that’s pretty much all we did.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, but it’s been a long (fun, but long) couple of weeks, so none of us were in the mood to do any sightseeing.  It’s only 90 degrees today, which is cooler than both Tokyo and Texas…

Tomorrow we’ll head for the airport, hop a plane, and then our trip will be over.

Traveling is hard work!!!

Ai already added her friends to the group chat, so now we have four idols on our chat!!! Hahaah!! It’s such a coincidence that they’re all named after idols, but I guess apart from Mariko they’re pretty common names.  But all four of them???  Hahaha!!! But it’s cool.  Now I can tell people I’m friends with Oshima Yuuko, Takahashi Minami, Shinoda Mariko, and Takahashi Ai!  Then they’ll say “wow, that’s cool!”, but I’ll know the truth – it’s technically true, but not who they’re thinking.


They’ve got lots of questions and I told Ai she should bring them along when she comes to visit.

She said she’d see what she could do.  They’re not as well off as Rebecca and friends, but maybe they can figure something out.

Emiko and I spent a little time chatting today – we haven’t spent much time just the two of us.  She told me she’s really proud of me.  I didn’t expect that to mean as much as it did, but, well, it did.  Not because she’s my birth mother.  But because she’s Emiko.  I know she gave me up because she had to, but I know she didn’t want to, and, well, there’s no point in being upset about things that happened in the past.  Especially if she’s made up for them.  And she has.  I wish we’d been able to spend more time together in Japan, but it was pretty much controlled chaos all the time, I understand why it just wasn’t possible.  I mean, with twelve (up to seventeen) girls, one (sometimes two) boys, and a bunch of adults, it was hard enough just keeping everyone busy and happy!  I need to visit her more though.

Crystal has her Kimono and she put it on for a little while today and went off and just kind of zoned out.  I think her kimono reminds her of the gardens, and if it helps, it helps!

Jack’s birthday is coming up soon, and then mine is!  I’ll be 18!!!

And… I promised Sabby I wouldn’t go crazy when I’m 18.  I’ll keep that promise.  But… it’ll be tempting!!!


I guess I should to go bed.

Everyone else is full of pizza and snoring.

Love you all!!! ❤

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