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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Who knew a vacation could be so much work!!!

I’ve been helping Sabby at the shop almost full-time, and it’s still hopping.  The dooter, thankfully, is taking care of most of the dooting, so I can concentrate on making chocolate (I’m getting good at it!), making some candy (that’s a little harder but I’ve got a little bowl up front with my candy in it and people can take a piece), and doing back office stuff like scheduling and payroll and stuff.  Sabby’s happy to leave that to me because she and her baker have their hands full!!!

The baker is making snowballs!  So many snowballs!  And it seems as fast as she makes them they go out the door!!!  Sabby’s been talking about opening a webpage to ship cross country, but I told her if we’re having this hard a time keeping stuff on the shelves, how are we going to do fulfillment for a website?  She sighed and went back to baking.  She’s baking all of her traditional Christmas cookies.  You know, gingerbread, chocolate, double chocolate, santa-shaped, elf-shaped, that kinda thing.  Between the two of them, they’re keeping up, but barely.

I’m not even sure where all the people are coming from!!!  I mean, cat-girl is helping, but I guess her cookies are so good that it’s just word of mouth!  I set up delivery of some juices in the mornings too, which is nice.  Those are selling briskly, people like juice and milk with cookies.  We’ve gotten a lot of food delivery service orders too!!!

So, we’re doing well.

I told Sabby her cookies were that good!!!

I think we need to hire another baker, though, believe it or not.  I really want to set up that website, but we can’t do it with just Sabby and her baker.  I guess it’s time to start interviewing again.  We’re not even a month old and we’ve already got… counting on fingers…  four employees!!!  Wow!!!

This weekend we’re going to throw a Christmas party for our employees.  We’re still new so nothing fancy, but they’re doing a pretty good job for us.  I hope we don’t get a stinker.  I know we will.

Oh did I tell you we had a couple karens?  But Sabby and I know how to deal with them.  The dooter calls me over when they start with their “I want to speak to your manager!” line, I say “can I help you?”, they say “you’re too young to be a manager!”, and I say “you’re right, I’m an owner.  How can I help you?”

Then I listen politely, tell them they’re full of crap, and show them the door.

Feels good!!!

Oh and we’ve been sending the owner of the shop I worked at some stock too!  He says it can’t stay on the shelves!!!

Otherwise, it’s been quiet.  Ai is really bouncing around!!! She wants to come to Texas!!!  I’m sure she’ll have a good time.  Jack’s on vacation too and he’s been coming around the shop, but I told him I need to work and can’t spend time with him.  He just sits there and looks at me adoringly.  It’s distracting!  He says business me is sexy.


But I think he thinks anything me is sexy.

He didn’t disagree with that.


He’s not upset about the occasional free cookie either.

Occasional.  Boy would eat me out of business.  Haha!!!

Okay!  Bedtime!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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