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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Christmas is fun!!!

Well… it’s not Christmas yet, but it’s still fun!!!

Sabby told me to stay away from the shop today.  She said she didn’t care what I did, but this is Christmas vacation, and I was supposed to have SOME days where I just have fun.  She told me to take tomorrow too.  So…  I got Beth, and we did just that.  I need to spend more time with my sister anyway.

We went to San Antonio and took a walk on the riverwalk!!!  And went shopping!!!

I told Beth it was my treat, that would be her Christmas present.

And, well, she took me up on it!!!  Haha!!!

We went from shop to shop and she was chittering and chattering and buying stuff and trying on stuff and I was just amused.  Is this what Jack feels like when he goes shopping with me?  haha!!!  But then she had her fill of buying stuff and we had a late lunch, and we just talked.

We haven’t done that for a while.

She’s still sad about Crystal but happy that she survived and she’s starting to get over it, finally.  her therapist is helping, and I’m glad about that.  I wish I had better things to tell her but at least she’s feeling a bit better.

She told me I’m the best big sister ever.

I cried a little.

When we drove the 70 or so miles back, she fell asleep and was snoring in the passenger seat.  Haha!!!

But it was fun.  We need to do that kind of thing more often.

I went to the shop to see how Sabby was doing, and it was busy as usual.  I think we’ll be okay.

I think we’ll all be okay.

I’m planning on spending tomorrow with Jack.  And Beth’s going to spend all day with the girls.  Liz just wants to sleep.  Haha!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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