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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

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And I had a date day with Jack!!!

OMG was it fun!!!

It was cold and cloudy though, so there wasn’t a whole lot to do outside.  He told me he had to think really hard to find something to do that we hadn’t already done.  So he took me downtown to a VERY nice restaurant for lunch!!!  The kind you dress up for!!!

And he bought me some very delicious food, and a cake that was to die for!!!!  Chocolate on chocolate!!! Yum!!!

After lunch he took me to a viewing spot at the airport and we watched the big planes take off and land.  They’re so big and noisy!!!  He told me a little about how the engines work.  I didn’t know he was interested in that stuff!  He says engines go “suck, squeeze, bang, blow” – and I laughed really hard!

He didn’t get it.

Then he did.

I think the people standing next to us gave us dirty looks with how hard we were laughing.

Turns out jet engines do all those things at once, continuously.  And I thought car engines were hard!!!

So after we got tired of that, he took me to a chocolatier – of course he did, and I got to sample all sorts of different chocolates.  Yaaaay!!! It was a chocolatey day!!!

After that we went back to his place.  Grace was off school too, so her parents took her to one of those kid pizza places, and we were alone.

I… umm… missed him.

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We watched a movie, all cuddled on the couch under a blanket.  I won’t lie, I fell asleep.  He just rubbed my scalp and I seriously melted.  That’s my… well.. .second favorite thing.  Aww.  Grace came home and we played for a while.  I love her.

But all things have to come to and end, and I’m home now.

And it’s bedtime!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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