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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And Christmas is coming!!!

Let’s see… we put the lights and tree up a couple of weeks ago – and Dave escaped with only minor injuries.  Hahaha!!!  I need to buy presents!  Oh no!  I think I’ll do that tomorrow.  A trip to the mall isn’t a terrible idea.  And I already got Beth hers.  Man, that girl has expensive tastes.

But I don’t blame her.  She’s really pretty.  It only makes sense to put pretty things on a pretty body.  Don’t you think?

And no, I didn’t spend too much.  Sabby cautioned me about that.  I got her an outfit and some makeup.  It’s not like she was going from store to store and buying the mall out.  Though… I think she would have if I let her.

I’m not telling you what I got everyone!!! They read this!!! Haha!!!

I will say this though – I hate giving people trinkets.  Even Grace – who likes pretty much anything.  They just feel cheap and stupid and not nice.  I don’t mean I want to give people expensive stuff, but I want to give them meaningful stuff.  You know?  Like that letter I gave Sabby for her birthday last year.  It was cheap – inexpensive, I mean.  It was a nice piece of paper and a little time writing.  But it meant everything to her.  That’s the kind of present I like to give.  But it means a lot of thought.

But I think I know what to give everyone.

Or almost everyone.

Oh!  Ai is showing up on Friday!  She leaves on Thursday!  Well, Thursday my time!  She’s taking a couple of days off of school but apparently her teachers think travelling abroad is important!  She gets to practice her English and they like that!  I’ll pick her up at the airport and we’re immediately going to get BBQ!!!!!  Yayyy!!!!  She’s so looking forward to it!!!

Her name is pronounced “ah-ee”.  You can probably get away with pronouncing it like in “height”, but separating the syllables is correct.  She’s staying until after New Years!!!  It’ll be fun!!!  We’ll go visit Emiko too!!!  That’ll be so much fun!!!

Katie is doing a little better today.  She told me she at least doesn’t feel like she’s alone, so that’s something.  I told her she’ll never be alone.  She gave me a big hug.  I’m trying to think of a job we can give her with a little more responsibility, but… we don’t have one, and she needs to finish college anyway.  Well, we’ll think of something.  And OMG is the shop hopping!!!  So many holiday parties!!!

It’s supposed to be very, very cold at the end of the week, so we’re training cat-girl to do some dooting.  I mean, she does drive a lot of busines,s, but there’s only so long that can last.  She’s so cheerful!  Everyone loves her!  She’ll do fine.  And we can always use more dooters.  We actually put in another register!

She’ll never be a baker, though.  She burns water.

Okay!  Enough rambling!  I need to think about what to get everyone!!!

Even you!!!  Yes you!  I’ll get you something too!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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