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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Okay, first things first:  Ai is EXCITED.  I mean really, really excited.  She’s never been abroad before, and she’s trying to decide what to pack and what not to pack and is buying us some presents from Japan…  she’s burbling!  Like Liz does! Her English isn’t that good but it’s coming through loud and clear!!!


She REALLY wants BBQ!!!!!

She’s going from Tokyo to Houston, so I’m going to drive to the Houston airport and pick her up!!!  We’ll go see Emiko, and then drive back here to the Austin area!!!  And then..  FUN!!!!

Speaking of fun…

After work, Katie and I went to the mall.  I needed to do some shopping and I thought she could use some girl time.  I was right.  She’s really nice!  She told me about her ex and how he treated her…  awww.  She told me to be very, very careful, because you never know.  I guess she’s right.  Maybe I should talk to Sabby about something… personal.

She told me about where she lives when she’s not in college.  Or lived.  Her parents… they didn’t like her being pregnant all that well.  They’re kinda conservative folk – like Sabby, but much worse.  She’s really kind of on her own.  She really didn’t buy much, but she did pick up a present for Sabby.  I told her she didn’t have to, but… she wanted to.  That was nice of her.

Anyway, I have all the presents.  All the ones that can be bought, anyway.  I wrapped them all, and tomorrow I’m going to drop off the ones for Crystal and Diana and Allison.  After all, they have their own families to spend Christmas with.  I won’t say what I got Allison – but it’s got a tail!!! Hahahaha!!!!

A stripey tail!!!

I even got Marie a present.  She’ll probably destroy it immediately, but it’s the thought that counts with a dog, right?  Heck, I even got Cat one.  But she likes everything with catnip, so it was easy.

Cat and Marie are best friends now.  Once I caught Cat riding Marie!  It was hilarious!!!  Just using her as a personal taxi!!!

Okay!!! Gotta go.  Busy busy busy!!!  Oh and Ai wants to go to Christmas Eve services with us too!!! She’s never been to church!  I told her she doesn’t have to understand any of it but there’ll be lots of standing and sitting!  Hahaah!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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