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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!



She’ll be taking off in a few hours!!!!

I’ll be going to Houston in the morning!!!

And it’s COLD!!!!!


I told Ai to bring a coat because she’ll need it!!!

She’s so excited!!!

Well, so am I!!!

She’s… one of my actual blood relatives!!!  My cousin!!! I don’t have too many of those.  Well, more than I did a year ago, I guess.  Speaking of which, I’ve been talking to my birth father, I’m going to go out to LA for spring break for a week or two!!! I…  well, I was going to say I guess I owe him that much, but I don’t.  I don’t owe him anything.  in fact..  he owes me!!!  He owes me everything a father owes his daughter!!!  But…  that ship’s sailed.  I’m seventeen now.  Good luck collecting.  But.. at least maybe I have a little more family than I thought.

I hear Hiroshi is really jealous!  But maybe he can come next year!!!  I bet he and David would get along.

Well, I should sleep, because Ai arrives at around 2 PM tomorrow!!!

Katie wants to meet Ai too.  Actually, Katie’s kind of…  she’s a bit old to be “one of the girls”, girl-piles with a college student would be awkward, but she needs a sister.  I think I wouldn’t mind a big sister.  Actually, everyone wants to meet Ai.  My friends have never met a real Japanese girl before!  Crystal asked if she had a high pitched giggle and long strangely colored hair.

I told her she’s just a normal Japanese girl.  Like me, but twice as much.  Hahah!!!

Okay.  Sleep.

Love you all!!! ❤

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