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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Rebecca asked us if we (meaning me and the Aidols) wanted to come to Dallas for a day to visit.  I thought that was a pretty good idea, and no one else had any objections, so we’re going tomorrow! We’ll stay for one day and come back on Friday.  I think it’ll be fun.  Liz wants to go too, but the other girls have their own things to do, so I guess it’s me, the Aidols, Beth, and Liz.  That’s seven girls.  I think we can fit into the big car…  Sabby said I could take it but to be careful and she told the aidols too to be good and let me drive.  The bowed and said of course.  They’re Japanese!  They can be silly and goofy, but they know when to behave!

We’re all packing up and deciding what to take.  Apparently her house has a big pool and hot tub, so all the swimsuits are coming out.  It’s nice having a rich half sister, haha.

I told the Aidols what pool etiquette is here – it’s a little different from Japan.  I think they understand.  They’d better understand, haha!

Well, I should get some sleep so I’m rested enough to drive.  Liz can drive too if needed but Sabby prefers I do.  None of the Aidols are licensed yet, but that’s alright, I think they prefer to see the sights anyway.  We’ll stop at the Temple buc-ees and let them see one of the biggest gas stations in the country.  Haha!!

And, of course, make sure Yuuko has snacks.  Yuuko needs snacks.

In case you’re wondering, I’m going to spend New Years with Jack.  I don’t mean by ourselves, necessarily, but we’re having a party and he’s invited.  I’m getting my kiss!!! We haven’t spent a lot of time together lately…  but we still chat a lot and it’s okay.  I think we’ll make a little more time after the new year.  There’s been so much going on…  for both of us.  He has to study for his exams and stuff too.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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