This diary entry is part 6 of 32 in Lily's diary dated 18 - December 2022

Meow! Meow meow!!! Meowmeow!!!


I spoke cat!!!

I’m a silly billy!!!

Woof!  Woof woof!!! Hahahaah!!!! I spoke dog too!!!

I’m lying!!! I spoke politician!!!




It was a day.  Just… a day.  I don’t know if David’s happier but he seems to like his tutor so there’s that.  And Sabby thanked me for listening to her.  I said “what’s a daughter for?”  She smirked and said “eating all the chocolate and making me worry about you getting pregnant.”

I blushed.  Sabby’s back to her old self.

“I’m not -”

“I know,” she said quickly.  “But I worry.”

I sighed.  “Sabby, do you know what happened when I got weak and wanted to… you know?”


“He refused.  He said he wanted to, but he knew I’d regret it, so he wouldn’t do it.”

Her mouth dropped open.

“Lily?”, she asked.


“Marry that boy.  Promise me you’ll marry that boy.”

I blushed.  “Sabby -”

“I know, I know. But that’s rare.  Every boy I knew would have.  Every one.  Marry him and give me lots of grandkids. When it’s time.  Okay?”

I just hugged her.

Ai is really looking forward to coming to visit.  She want to try Texas BBQ and get a cowgirl hat and boots and see some real live horses and cows (I don’t know where to go for that, I don’t even know where to see real live horses and cows).  And she wants to see a rodeo and even go to church.  She wants to see it all!  She’s a good girl, I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun.  I guess Hiroshi’s a little jealous and wants to go to Texas too, but he’s a bit young.

She asked if we made our KFC reservation yet.  I laughed and told her that we don’t do KFC, but she’ll love what we do.  You could hear her bouncing through the headphones.  Haha!!

Meow meow meow!!! ❤

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