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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

There’s been so much drama, I forgot to say that finals are here!!!

So Beth and I have been studying and doing tests!!!

We’re doing alright.

But tomorrow’s the last day of finals!!!

And tomorrow’s also when all the paychecks are due!  So tonight I went to the shop and spent a couple of hours doing payroll!!!  It’s… not fun, but there are computer programs that help with that.  So I printed a check for the dooter, and the catgirl, and even the new baker Sabby found!  I didn’t tell you that!  She.. ummm… makes a lot.  But then, she also, well, makes a lot.  So it all balances out.  Sabby’s spent all this week teaching her the different recipes, and she’s competent, so Sabby’s happy.  She needs a job too, so she’s pretty dependable.  Oh, and Beth gets a check too.  She’s the catgirl sometimes.

We had such a good week that it’s all fine!  We still made a healthy profit!!!

Sabby and I are investors, though, so we don’t get a check.  We talked about it, and we’ll start drawing a salary when things are a little more stable.  I don’t really need the money, and neither does Sabby.  So we’ll reinvest it back.  Probably hire another dooter at some point.  Or better or more equipment.

But it’s all done!  Software makes it easy!!!

Someone told me I was endearing today!  Awww!!!!

Sabby’s birthday is on Saturday, so Jack and I are going out tomorrow night!!!

Okay, Marie wants to be walked!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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