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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!


So we know Valentine’s day is in two days, right?  Well, the silly-billy coopted the baker!!! He went over to the shop, threw a few bills at her, and said “bake me the biggest, most chocolately cake you can possibly imagine, and then make it about half again as chocolatey.”  And, well, we know how good the baker is, and she delivered!!!

He even had her write on it “I love you more than you love this cake!”

The boy knows me!!!

So he brought the cake over today.  I wasn’t expecting him.  But he knocked on the door, and when I opened it there he was!  With a cake so big it had to be wheeled on a cart!!!  We took it in, set it gingerly on the table, and while the family was admiring it, I kissed the absolute snot out of him.

Sabby cleared her throat like twice before I noticed.

Well…  here’s the thing about that cake.  It was decadent.  I mean, remember what I said about making it about half again as chocolatey as even the baker could imagine?  It was a chocolate cake.  With chocolate pudding.  Chocolate frosting.  Chocolate sprinkles.  Chocolate drizzle.  Chocolate whipped cream.  Chocolate chips.  Chocolate kisses.  Chocolate candy.  Everything she could possibly think of to put on it, she did, and then doubled it.


You know how I like chocolate?  You know how I love chocolate?  You know how I would marry chocolate if it wasn’t for Jack?  You know how I’d have little chocolate babies and watch them grow up into chocolate adults and then feed me chocolate when I’m old???  Well… this cake was almost too much for me.

Seriously.  It actually was almost too much for me.  Me!  Lily!  Lily the girl who loves chocolate!!!

It was so almost too much for me that I called all the girls over for an emergency chocolate-sharing session and we pigged out.

No, Jack didn’t mind.  He said it was my cake, and I could share it if I wanted, and the kiss I gave him was plenty thanks.

Crystal, Diana, even Allison…  they all came over, we served that cake, and omg it was almost too much for them too.  I swear after a piece they were bouncing off the ceiling!  It was hilarious!

Jack just sat there with a smirk.  He was enjoying the chaos!  The chaos HE caused!!!

Allison started running around chasing Grace around, who was squealing like a stuck pig!  I don’t know what a stuck pig sounds like, but if I had to imagine a stuck pig, well, that’s what she sounded like!  Crystal started talking a mile a minute and Beth asked Dave about the pressure washer!  Hahaha!!!!!  Not because of the cat he pressure washed (cat’s fine) but because she wanted to pressure wash something!!!

I think the baker put coffee in there too!  SHE DID!!!!!

Valentine’s day chaos!!!!


Marie, of course, did NOT get any.  Chocolate is bad for dogs.  Even though she begged.  Poor Marie.  She got a dog biscuit instead.  She was happy with that.

So a couple of hours later, everyone crashed, and we just lazed around the sofa in a sugar, caffeine, and theobromine induced haze.  And it was the most wonderful thing ever!  Well, except….  ummm…. it was the most wonderful thing ever!!!

“Lily?”, Jack said, snuggled up to me on the couch with Marie AND Grace sprawled over us.


“I do love you.”

“Jack, after today, I have zero doubts about that at all.”

“you’re supposed to say ‘I love you too'”, he said just a little petulantly.

I blushed.  Aww.

“I love you too,” I said.

I meant it.

I really, really meant it.

All the girls are home now, we’ve all got school tomorrow, but they all told me how lucky I was to have a boyfriend who would give me such an amazing cake.  And I agree.  I’m very lucky.

And I have no idea how I’m going to top that on a PG diary.

And you know what the absolute most hilarious thing is?

Baker did it on the clock.  HE PAID ME FOR IT!!!


(Normally she doesn’t take custom orders like that… yet, anyway… but Sabby said it was fine and no way am I going to get upset over that!!!)

Love you all!!! ❤

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