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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Today, Dave took Beth out driving.  He came back looking a bit… stressed out.  Beth just kind of flounced in and said she had a lot of fun learning, and I think Dave wanted to puke.


They’ll figure it out.

I have a provisional license.  I can’t teach her.  And, well, I’m pretty happy about that.  If I’m being honest.

Beth is really smart but she’s…  well.  I’m not sure how well smarts translate to driving.


Jack and I went on a date tonight.  It went pretty well.  I like spending time with him.  But I did have to bring up the whole cat-girl-maid-thing with him.

I don’t really understand why he feels so strongly about what I wear.

I tried to explain to him that it’s just business and we dress up like that in order to sell things and make money.  He retorted that there’s another kind of woman that uses her body to make money too, and do I really want to be like one of them?

I admit I got a little offended, and asked him if he really thought I was a prostitute.

“No”, he said.  “And that’s the whole point.  You’re not.”

I sighed.  For someone my age, he’s really kind of old fashioned.

It’s… kind of fun to dress up sometimes.  It’s not something I like to do every day like cat-girl, and certainly not exposing as much skin as she does (I don’t think I could cause car crashes like she did) but costumes are fun and I have to admit I don’t like not being able to wear things I like to wear because my boyfriend doesn’t like it.

But I guess I kind of understand why it bothers him.  Would I like for him to walk around outside wearing a banana hammock? (And don’t google that).  Not really, I guess.  Especially if other girls were catcalling him.

So I asked him what I could wear.  After all, some guys might even like it if I wore a burqa.  Right?

That… stopped him for a moment.  I think he was kind of fixated on things like the maid outfit, but he hadn’t thought about that aspect of it.

I told him that I wanted to dress up in something.  And if he didn’t like the maid outfit, well, what would be okay?

That was when he kind of deflated.  He told me what he really doesn’t like is how girls seem to change their attitude when they dress in sexy clothes like that.  Like they’ll put on a maid outfit and get all flirty, or put on a sexy Halloween costume and start swishing and sashaying all over the place.  I know what he means.  Girls do seem to do that.  Cat-girl does it all the time.  He doesn’t want me getting all flirty if I’m wearing something like that.

And…  you know… that’s fair.  I don’t think I get that way, but it does happen.

So… I think I know how to fix this.

There are several different kinds of cosplay.  There’s… the sexy type.  Like maid outfits, bodysuits, etc.  There’s the Japanese type, like kimono, school uniform, etc.  And then there’s the kawaii type – cute, frilly dresses that make you look more like a little girl.  I asked him if he’d mind so much if I dressed in those categories instead.

He…  thought about it, and said he wouldn’t mind so much.

And besides… I like the cute dresses!  And maybe even a little bow in my hair!!!  And if a guy likes me in that, well, that’s his problem, isn’t it???

So I think we have an understanding for now.

I’m glad he and I can talk these things out.  And I have dress shopping to do!!!

It was a nice date, even considering.  His parents gave us a little time alone, and, well…  I feel pretty warm and relaxed right now.  I love that boy.

Love you all!!! ❤

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