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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well, it’s Monday.  Back to practicing.

Anathema is still hanging around here for a while, but she’s going to work like usual.  This arrangement’s only going to last until we know what’s going to happen to that guy, we’re not sure what the prosecutor is going to do.  After all, he didn’t really do anything.  I guess he’s still getting treated in the hospital and was arraigned by video.  Yeah, he’s in a world of hurt.  No bail for right now.  But the hospital is not an inherently secure place, who knows what will happen.

Joe had his meeting with his CO.  He wouldn’t say exactly what they talked about, but he’s not in any trouble.  He just had to fill out some paperwork and explain his use of force.  Once he did, he was cleared.  They did caution him that Anathema isn’t really the reason he was assigned to this station, it was the shop, and kind of me too, and not to forget that.

So… he seems pretty conflicted right now.  He was over this morning before the shop opened having a very deep discussion with her.  I just did my practicing.  None of my business, I guess.

But it seemed to be very deep, because her eyes were wet and he seemed a little agitated.

It didn’t seem to be a bad kind of deep though… I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, other than that, it was just a lot of practicing.  It’s hard work, getting ready for a concert!!!  But I guess it is what it is.

Yuki and Miki have been chatting, which is cool.  Miki seems a bit happier now.  She says the group is a bit more close-knit, they’re starting to see each other as allies rather than as competition, and that’s a good position to be in.  They were kind of subtly undermining each other before, but most of them have decided they’re not going to be happy that way, so they just… well… kind of decided not to do that anymore.  A couple are holding out, but there’s not much they can do by themselves, so that will work itself out.

Minami’s introduction concert is scheduled.  It’s in a month or so, give or take.  She’s been working her butt off.  She’s having a blast, but she’s glad they’re not fighting as much too.  That just makes it even more fun!!!  Her mother is, well…  Minami is staying with Yuki’s parents in Tokyo right now.  But she’s so busy working she’s not really a bother, and I guess they like having someone around again, after Yuki left.

Besides, she buys them sweets.


Her mother’s resentful, her father’s having to take up the slack, and Minami just doesn’t care.  She’s the daughter, not the mother.  She’ll take care of them when it’s really needed, and picking up after her like a wayward child isn’t needed.


Oh well.  I’m all practiced out.  Maybe I’ll watch some anime.

Oh yeah.  There was a game yesterday.  Dave and David watched it.  I was too busy having fun with the girls to care.  That’s how it is!

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Again, I’m taking liberties with the whole military thing.  It’s a story.  Deal with it.

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