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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

MORE practicing!!!  But I’ve almost got it now.  I mean at least to the point where I don’t need the sheet music anymore.  But that doesn’t mean I’m good at it yet, I just know all the notes.

Yuki is over tonight, she’s been telling me stories about her time as an idol.  She’s such a good storyteller!  It almost makes me wish I were an idol, and then she tells other stories and I’m very glad I’m not.

Miki wanted to chat this morning (for her).  She’s…  I don’t know.  She seems to be kind of valuing people she can be herself around.  She just wanted to talk about some of the idol drama going on in her group.  It’s gotten better, but you can’t have ten girls in a group working together without some drama.  They seem to have decided as a group to have each others’ backs, though, and that’s helping out a lot, I guess.

I asked her how Minami’s doing, and she said fine, but the glamour hasn’t worn off yet.  I asked Miki to be there for her when it does.  Minami seems to be a good girl and I’m sure she doesn’t have to put on (too many) airs around her.  I mean, they’re Japanese, there will always be a few

I also told her she can lean on Ai too.  Thing about idols is, they don’t really know who’s in it for the parasocial and who isn’t.  But Ai doesn’t really seem too much into the idol stuff, and while the aidols like to hang around, they’re pretty grounded.

From what I saw anyway.

I’ll give them an anime bump on the head if they’re not!


I know I must give the impression that the lives of the girls in the after-school friends idol light music club must be completely miserable… I don’t really think that’s the case.  They seem to have a lot of fun, and even Miki says that being an idol can be really fun at times.  They just…  in their world, it’s really hard to turn it off, if that makes sense.  They’re always working, they’re always “on”, and they don’t get much of a chance to actually be themselves.  Some of the girls are a bit more sensitive to it than others.  A couple of the idols seem to revel in it, they don’t really seem to care all that much about the downsides.  I guess that’s why Miki clings to me and others like me, and not them.  That makes sense, I suppose.

It’s no coincidence I mostly just talk about her and Minami, even though there are ten girls in the group.  She’s the one who reached out.  The rest…  they’re not like Miki.

Maybe that’s one reason Miki seems to feel so lonely sometimes.

Anyway…  I guess that’s all for now.  Yuki and Marie are getting along great, by the way.  Yuki throws the ball.  That’s all Marie needs to think you’re the best person in the world.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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