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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

And it was a day off!!!

OMG I love days off!!!

So I did my run this morning, and then showered and had breakfast, and then… nothing!  Blissful nothing!  I just lounged around and…  did nothing!  And it was wonderful!

But it didn’t last.  Sabby and Dave packed us into the car and we took a drive!  We went to Fredericksburg!  It’s a neat little town!  There was stuff to see and do!  We walked up and down the main street, and ate lunch, and ice cream, and it was fun!  And there were museums too!  I just knew Dave and Sabby would sneak school in.  But I didn’t mind!  We went to the Museum of the Pacific War, and the Pioneer Museum!  We ate lunch and had ice cream!  Then after a few hours we drove home!  It’s about a one and a half hour drive!

It was fun!  We don’t get to do things like that often!  There was even more to see, maybe we’ll go back!  Apparently where I live there were lots of German people a long time ago!


And that’s all the German I know.

Die Lily!  hahaha!!! That’s my name!  Not die as in die, die as in the German female article!  Die Lily!!!  Oh, nevermind.

After we got home, Dave grilled!  Oh, I love it soooo much when Dave grills!!!  It was a great way to spend a holiday!!!  Liz came over too and she ate Dave’s Famous Grilled Meat with us!  I asked her if her parents minded her spending so much time with us.  She said that they’re just glad she has friends!  And, after all, I might be family someday…

I blushed!!!

But I smiled too.

Now it’s time to sleep! 

Love you all!!! ❤

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