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Hi! It’s me!  Lily!

I didn’t write last night.

War is something that I’ve only heard about.  There was a big war eighty years ago where a lot of people died.  Then everything was okay, except there were a bunch of little wars, but things have been mostly peaceful.  Except last night, when one country invaded another.  Lots of explosions, and people dying, and…  and…  too much.  Too many people dying.

But even one person dying is too many, don’t you think?

Dave sat us down and told us only one thing.  “Kids,” he said, “You’re going to see a bunch of stuff on the news.  Some people are interested in reporting the news objectively.  Some people are interested in spouting propaganda for one side or another.  And some people just want to make you afraid.”  Then he said something that really made me think.  “If you hadn’t watched the news, would you have even known about all this stuff going on?”

Hmm.  No, I probably wouldn’t have.  Life would go on.  Until it doesn’t, I guess, but that’s another topic.

“Don’t let them make you afraid,” he said.  “They make money off your fear.”

So there’s a war going on.  It’s awful.  But I woke up this morning, I ran, I took a shower, Sabby had us read up on Ukraine and Russia and some of the history there, and we ate lunch.  What I’m trying to say is, life went on, life goes on, and Dave is pretty smart after all, dontcha think?

Maybe eventually it’ll affect me.  Dave doesn’t seem to think it will, but he can’t see the future.  But for right now, life goes on.

Our mood was very somber when we brushed each other’s hair last night.  After I went to bed, I felt someone climb in with me, and I wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m scared,” she said, softly, cuddling into me.

“I’m here,” I said.  “No one’s going to hurt you.”

And Beth fell asleep.

War is an adult thing.  And it’s kids like Beth who have to pick up the pieces.

Love you all!!! ❤

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