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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Silly Billy Lily!!! That’s me!!!

OMG I’m happy tonight!  I don’t know why!  I’m just happy!  I ate food, and ate chocolate, and…  and that’s enough!  Why do I need more to be happy!  Well, I have Sabby and Dave, and Beth, and even David, so that’s a reason too… but…. CHOCOLATE!!! I ate CHOCOLATE!!!

Why do I love chocolate sooo much?  I’m sure you ask yourself, “Self, why does Lily like chocolate soooo much”?  Well I’ll tell you.  Are you sitting down?  Do you have hot chocolate?  Maybe a fire?  The answer is…

It’s CHOCOLATE!  You silly billies!  Why do I need to give you another reason than that?  I mean really.

So did anything special happen today?  Not really!  I ran!  I ate breakfast!  I showered!  I did school!  I ate lunch!  I did more school!  Then Dave finished his work and we worked on the mower!  He managed to get a fuel pump and we replaced it!  That’s such dirty and smelly work!  But the mower started!

And OMG why didn’t anyone tell me it felt so good when something starts and you fixed it yourself???  It’s like chocolate and Jack and more chocolate all mixed into one and a hot shower too!!!  The mower started and I swear I danced all around the garage singing a song that just had the lyrics “WOO HOO WOO HOO HAHAAHHAAA”. Dave thought I’d lost it!!!  Maybe I did!!!

Maybe I’m a mechanic girl, but I’m still a girl!!!

So now Dave’s going to teach me to sharpen its blades!  Sounds scary!!!

Maybe that’s why I’m happy, actually!!!  But maybe it’s chocolate!!!  I don’t think I want to be a mechanic, it’s dirty and all the grease gets under my nails, but…  but I think I like fixing things!

Jack likes it when I fix things too!  He says it’s hot!  I had Dave get a picture of me elbows deep in the engine and I sent it to Jack, and, well…  he liked it!  I think that’s a safe way to say it.  He really really really liked it.  He asked if next time I can wear short shorts.

…  I guess I brought that on myself.  I don’t even think I have short shorts.  But…  he could have asked for worse.  I think I’ll find some.  If y’all are lucky I’ll put it up for subscribers too!!!  But that’s all you’re getting so be happy with that!

And enough about that.

Speaking of subscribers, I need to show them some love!  This weekend I’ll put some fun stuff up for them!!!

I guess it’s time to brush Beth-hair, and get Lily-hair brushed!  She does such a good job now!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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