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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

i made another video!!!

Sabby bought me a new dress!  It’s so pretty!  It’s a little short, but I don’t mind that too much.  Just gotta be careful where I wear it.  Grocery store?  Check.  Church?  Ehhhh…. maybe.  Upside down tilt-a-whirl at the theme park?  NOT.

Not unless I want people seeing my girly bits.

So, erm, there’s a war going on. I mentioned it earlier.  It seems to have gotten worse.  Everyone’s on edge.  But I’m not going to talk about it here.  Not anymore.  This is a place for happy happy sunshine rainbows skittles moonbeams fun!!!  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes it does get a bit serious.  But not that kind of serious!!!  I’m a sixteen year old girl!  I’ll leave all the stupid to the adults!!!

And… they’re like, really really good at being stupid, aren’t they??


You know, I haven’t bought Sabby a milkshake in a while!  I guess that’s a good thing because I usually buy her a milkshake when she’s mad at me, but she hasn’t been mad at me in a while.  No Claire Huxtable here!!!  I guess that’s a good thing?  But I should buy her a mikshake.  Just to tell her I love her.  You know I never asked Dave what he actually likes.  I should do that.  Maybe he likes chocolate like me!  But somehow, I think there’s something he likes better.  I just never asked.  I’ll do that now.

Please continue to hold, and your call will be answered… ring ring!!!

He likes strawberry!!  And he looked at me funny for running down the stairs, asking him the question, and then running back up the stairs again!!!

Why didn’t I ask before!!! And no wonder Sabby smells like strawberries sometimes!!!

I hear Allison is feeling better!  Yaaaaay Allison!! Oh, I don’t think I mentioned she was sick.  Well, she was.  I made her a super duper special video just for her eyes telling her to get better!!!  I think she liked it!!!

YouTube always asks me if my videos are made for kids.  Usually I say no.  Because they’re not!  I mean, I try to keep them kid friendly, but trust me, kiddoes, read my diary again when you’re eighteen!!!  But the video I made for Allison is specifically made for a kid, so I had to check the box!! Booo!!!


Love you all!!!! ❤

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