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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

I did a crossword!!!  I’ve never done a crossword before!  It was easy!!!

I’ve wondered how I learned some of the things I know.

So there was a presidential address tonight or something.  Dave watched it.  Sabby didn’t.  They argue a little about politics sometimes.  But they still love each other, so it all works out, and they seem to agree on more than they disagree.  I still hate to see them fight, though.  One reason I don’t talk about that kind of thing on my diary (and the YouTube channel) is because people take it too seriously, and I don’t want to worry about those kinds of fights in my world!!!  I have a happy world!!!

Well, until it’s not.  But that’s for another time.

He said stuff, and people stood up and clapped, and sat down, and the commentators were talking about it like it was a sports event!  And you know, maybe it was.  It’s like church!  Who needs exercise when you stand up and sit down like that??

I just noticed that in my YouTube the browser is the wrong size!!! Booo!!  And I left a Babymetal tab open!  Booo!  But I left it.  As you can see, I had a few problems getting everything working tonight.  But I fixed it in post!  Hee hee!  I’ve always wanted to say that!!!

I’m getting good at editing now!  I go clicky click (it’s like a doot doot, but it makes a click rather than a doot), and out comes a video!!!  Yay!!!

While Dave was watching the address, I went to the convenience store where I doot doot on the weekends and bought everyone a milkshake!  chocolate for everyone but Dave, who got a Strawberry!  Everyone liked their shake!  It was a nice thing to do.

But, knowing Sabby, I’ll find another bill in my purse and it’ll be “creatively hide the bill” all over again.  it’s okay!  That’s a fun game!!!

I spent so much time getting everything working tonight that it’s late!  Beth’s waiting for a brush!  So bye bye!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️


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