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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So today was a little warmer.  Water was drippily dripping off the roof, and every now and then ice would slide off (crunk thunk whooooosh PLOP).  The roads were pretty bad in the morning, but they got better throughout the day, but now they’re bad again.  Sigh.

Beth and David were working on their project.  I’m not sure what it is, but they seemed to be getting along – most of the time.  Every time David tried to take over, Beth shut him down.  “I know you know more about this stuff than I do,” she said, “but dad put us together because I’m supposed to learn too, so if you can’t slow down and let me figure it out then go get a cookie or something.”

Of course, he didn’t like that much, and went to Sabby, who came over and read him the riot act.  I think I see why Dave put them together.  David doesn’t work well with others, and I think Beth, and maybe I, don’t include him as much as we could.

David wanted to play in the lab but I said no.  I don’t understand half the stuff in there, and until Dave can teach us how to be safe I’m not going to risk it.  David got really upset with me too but I stood firm and Sabby backed me up.  “Think of it as a school lab,” she said.  “Would you be allowed to just do whatever you wanted if a teacher wasn’t in the room?”

“No, But Lily’s not a teacher.”

“She’s not.  But she’s a high school student.  You’re an elementary student.  That doesn’t always count for something, but it does here.  You’ll have plenty of chances to work on stuff.”


“No buts.  I’m not going to have you getting hurt because you don’t know what you’re doing.”

As for me, I was putting together my model.  Man, that was hard.  But I got it!  The parts moved up and down and around and it was kinda mesmerizing watching it do its thing.  Now I just have to learn what all the parts are for.

Dave was working again today, but he was working from home.  So later in the day he took me and Beth into the lab (without David) and started giving us some pretty intense lessons on how electricity works.  He taught us about AC and DC, and even showed us on one of the gadgets what AC looked like.  He taught us about voltage and amperage, and what’s safe and what isn’t safe.  He even deliberately popped a circuit breaker – what a spark!

After we were done he asked us what we learned.  I said “Don’t let David near the wall outlets.”  He said “Well, you shouldn’t be near that either right now, but if that’s all you took from it, I guess that’s good enough for today.”

“What are all these little parts?,” I said, pointing at the bins.

“I’ll explain that later,” he said.  “I think you’ve learned enough for today.”

I guess.

I asked Sabby if David chose a language yet.  She said she’s giving him until Monday before she chooses it for him.

Liz came over, we had dinner, and then watched a movie.  After the movie Beth, Liz and I went up – time for another slumber party!  Why do we girls like slumber parties soo much?  Who knows?  They’re funnnn!!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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