This diary entry is part 5 of 27 in Lily's diary dated 08 - February 2022

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

And I’m in a good mood today!!!

It’s still a little chilly outside but it’s getting warmer.  And Sabby had hot chocolate for me when I got home!  Any day with hot chocolate in it is a good day!!! I picked up the mug with both hands!  Now I just have to eat yogurt on a bench in my workout clothes!!!

Haha!  What kind of women are in those advertisements anyway??

But it was good hot chocolate!  Even had those tasty little marshmallows!  I love them!!!

Otherwise it was a boring day!  A boringly boring day!  I went to work, I doot dooted and karen wrangled… oh!  I saw a real karen today!  Most of the time karens are just these wannabe karens, but this one was the real deal!  She got so angry that we wouldn’t give her a discount that she tried to slap the owner!  Well, the owner is a big guy, and he held her down while I called the police!  Maybe that’s why I’m in a good mood!  A karen got arrested!!!

No, it’s the chocolate.

Chocolate always makes me feel better.

I’m such a girl!!!  But I like being a girl!!!  Yes I get moody sometimes and cry a lot, but I get all sorts of friends and get to have fun with them!  Boys just kind of insult each other and ogle girls like me!  It’s much better to be me, I think!!!

Anyway, Crystal came over while I was at work, and she’s here now!  She and Beth are in her room talking.  I guess I’ll go see how they’re doing after I write this.  They really have become good friends!  She doesn’t take any stuff from Beth, and I think Beth appreciates that.  Remember how they met?  Crystal calling her a spoiled rich girl and shoving food in her face?

Well, not much to talk about today, but that’s good!  When there’s a lot to talk about, bad stuff happened!!!  I’d rather days be boringly boring!!! Like this one!!!


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