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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it didn’t rain today!  In fact, it was nice!!!

But I was thinking about the title of that song, from Babymetal, “No rain, no rainbow”.  That title has always struck me, because it’s true.  Rainbows are some of the most beautiful things out there!  (At least they are when people aren’t making them political, but oh well!).  But you can’t have a rainbow without rain!


It’s also like one of Sabby’s favorite songs, “You’ll never walk alone”, where they talk about walking through a storm and there being a golden sky at the end.  But you can’t have the golden sky without the storm!!!  Sometimes you need rain and storms and bad things for beautiful things to come out of them!

I mean, look at me!  I lost all my memories!  From everything I can piece together, something really bad happened – even though I don’t know what, and that’s a bad thing on its own!  But Mrs. Doily told me that my previous parents were businesslike and not very loving, and my birth mother gave me up entirely!  But now I have a family that loves me and that I love, and a boyfriend, and the best life I could imagine happening!  Would I have that kind of life if the bad thing of losing my memories and previous family didn’t happen?  Of course it wouldn’t!

No rain, no rainbow.

But that doesn’t mean the rain is nice.  Even if you get to see a beautiful rainbow, it’s not nice to be standing in the rain and being wet and cold.  Is the rainbow worth it?

Maybe… maybe it was for me.

I love Dave and Sabby and Beth and David and Jack and Grace and Liz and Crystal and Diana and Allison all the parents and the pastor and the owner and… and Katie and cat-girl and the baker and everyone I met and know since I was found and taken in by my family!!!  And Emiko and Ai and Hiroshi and even Robert!!!  I have a rainbow!!!

I love my rainbow!!!  It’s beautiful and it’s mine and I got it from a storm!!!

And you all too!!! I have you all too!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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