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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well… this Friday is LITERALLY cool.  A cold front went through.  But it’s not like last week, so it’s okay.

I feel bad.  Sometimes I have all these really interesting things to talk about.  Like when I went to Japan, or whatever.. and lately it’s just been “Dave pressure washed a cat”, and that kind of thing.  I guess that’s alright.  I mean, you can’t have a really interesting life every single day, right?  Then it would be like a soap opera – and those are annoying because every time something interesting happens there’s an organ chord or something.  Hahaah!!!  But in real life, something interesting happens, and absolutely no musical background occurs.

Would be neat if it did, don’t you think?

But in fairness, who pressure washes a cat?  Dave does!  Hahaaha!!!!

Again – cat’s fine.

So, umm…  I’m over at Liz’s tonight.  All the girls are over with Beth, and I’m sure they’re having fun, but I don’t spend enough time with Liz, and she is my best friend.  I love her, did I tell you that?  If she were a boy Jack would have competition!  Hahah!!! But she’s not.  She’s got her boyfriend now anyway.  Oh, did I tell you?  He asked her to be his girlfriend, and she accepted!  She seems pretty happy.  I don’t know if she’s quite as… well…  close to him as I am to Jack, but they go on dates every now and then and she gushes a lot about how nice he is, so…  I’m glad she’s happy.

But she never was really jealous of Jack.  I mean, he is her cousin, but even then, she never was really jealous that I had something she didn’t.  She was just happy for me.  That’s why she’s my best friend.  She might have been a little, but even when I first met him, she was pretty supportive.

We should double date someday.  I think that’d be fun.

Liz and I are eating chocolate and root beer and some kind of Chinese snacks that are delicious, and playing games.  We’ll go to bed soon and cuddle up.  She’s not the most cuddly girl, but she is with me.  Sometimes, anyway.  Awww.

Love you all!!! ❤

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