This diary entry is part 11 of 28 in Lily's diary dated 19 - January 2023

Hi! It’s me! Marie!!!

Lily’s typing for me because I can’t talk!!!

I’m so happy!  I have such a good life!!!  In the morning Lily takes me out of my little box, and then puts me on that long stretchy thing and takes me out to walk!  I love walking, especially in the morning!  There are so many things to sniff and smell!!!  I smell other dogs, squirrels, even rats!!!  And then I find a good place to do my thing and I do it!  It’s fun!  I always feel better after and want to zoom around!!!

And then after I come home, Lily puts on her stretchy things and goes out to run!!! She likes to run too!!! I wish I could run with her but I can’t keep up!  So instead I eat the delicious crunchy stuff they put out for me!  It tastes like meat!!!

One of Lily’s pack-mates came over from a different den.  She’s nice, I like her.  She smells like meat-but-not-meat.  Lily let me sleep next to her and she liked it when I slept next to her.  She would scratch my tummy and do all the nice things.  I miss her.  Lily tells me she lives very far away and may not be back for a long time.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.  I’ll jump on her and lick her face and make sure she knows I missed her!!!

My family is nice to me.  Beth likes to give me scratches, and David will take me out and play a game with that funny-tasting round thing.  Sometimes he’ll run around with me and wrestle!  It’s fun!!!

Sometimes I smell man-dogs.  It makes me feel funny.  Lily says we need to take care of that.  I wonder what she means.  She says she made an appoint with the vet.  I wonder who the vet is?  Sounds like a fun time!!!

Oh!  More food!!!  Does the fun ever end???

Woof woof woof!!! ❤

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