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HI! It’s me! Lily!!!

A lot to talk about today!!!

It’s getting really cold now.  Supposed to not go above freezing tomorrow.  Aww.  Hope our pipes survive.

So….  now for the interesting stuff…  I found out what’s going on with cat-girl.

She’s pregnant.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal for her.  She has… ways of dealing with it, and has before.  But… she met Katie’s baby.  Now she thinks she might want to keep it.

Sabby told her she’d support her (well, not literally, but you know what I mean) if she does, and that we treat our people like family, but if she decides to go through with it, she’d better shape up her act, because she can mess around all she wants when she doesn’t have a baby to take care of.  Sabby told her that we’re not going to enable her messing around and leaving the baby with us.

She’s…  really being thoughtful about it.  That’s a first for cat-girl.  She’s not dumb, but usually she’s out partying and drinking and… maybe other stuff too… and taking home every man who looks at her twice and some who don’t.  Heck, even a few women who look at her twice (she’s never asked me, she thinks I’m pretty hot but she’s has a good thing with me and Sabby and she’s not gonna mess it up.  Yeah, she told me that directly.  Good plan.  Not that I would anyway, but at least she has limits.  Plus I’m technically her boss, though I don’t need to play that role most of the time).  But Sabby’s right.  If she wants to keep that baby, time for her to grow up.

Sabby wants me to talk to her a little as well.  Not because I have too much life experience to offer, but, you know, walking shrine and all that.

I hope it works out.  I think cat-girl would make a good mother if she can get her act together.  No one’s asking her to stop being herself, just that she can’t be selfish anymore.

She doesn’t know who the father is, though, and she’s not sure she can find out.  That’s… sad in itself.  But, modern genetic testing is pretty thorough (ask Emiko), so, maybe she’ll luck out.

I hope it works out for her.  It’s always nice to welcome another baby into the world, and maybe it’ll help cat-girl grow up a bit too.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Went back through all the posts today and fixed a bunch of errors with the date, and retracted some posts that no longer make sense based on the way this diary has evolved.  All this in preparation for adding a “series” feature that (hopefully) allows for better readability.  These additional notes will be slowly appearing on all entries that need them, and the entries will be slightly reworded so that the “sausage-making” isn’t in the diary entry itself – where it makes sense.  This allows the posts to be extracted into a story while maintaining the tech history in other parts of the database.  Also, you’ll note that this marks a shift in the tone of the story:  I’m sacrificing a little realism for the sake of the story flow.  As the story is beginning to come to an end, this seems appropriate and necessary.

This will not happen for every situation – sometimes Lily will have done something to the site and I want to maintain it as if she did.  In that case, it will be left in the story.

I will also be adding some “creator notes” to some story entries, but only as necessary.  I’m going to do that sparingly.

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