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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

My life….  it’s… ummm…..  ummm…

I can’t really describe it.

So…  I heard from Minami’s talent agency today.  They want me to….  film something with them.  They want me to come to Japan and film something with them.  Apparently they want to make a music video based on the video the girls made with me on the train.  Apparently all I have to do is sit there and all the other idols will sing and dance around me on the train and I just have to sit there and look annoyed.

Well… considering, I think I can muster an annoyed look.

I have no idea how I’m going to fit that in, but I guess I can spare some time.

Their idol group is called “放課後友達アイドル軽音部” – or “after school friends idol light music club”  (pronounced “houkago tomodachi aidoru keionbu”, in case you were curious).  Subtle, eh?  But I guess if it supports Minami, I can take a few days and film something.  I guess their schtick is they’re an after school club where they hang around and do idol stuff together.  Not unlike Sakura Gakuin, but they don’t pretend to be a school, just an after school club.  It’s kinda cute, I’ve seen some of their videos, but…  not something I have in my playlist.

But I’ll see when they want me over, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anything important I’ll do it.  They just have to pay for my flight and lodging, though.  I’m doing them the favor.  These kinds of things don’t really pay a lot, but there are other intangible benefits.  I’ll grant that.  But not enough to warrant me paying for it.

I told Minami and she just laughed.  “That’s what you get for being a walking shrine.”

I didn’t correct her.  In their culture, “ark”, really has no meaning.  And she’s not really wrong.

I really need to take Jack to Japan one of these days.  I keep heading over there without them, and I think it might be coming time where he comes along.  But that’s not going to happen if they’re paying for my flight.

Anyway, other than that, I practiced a lot today.  I have to make all my time count when I can, everything’s coming up fast and I really can’t slack off.

No huge news on the Anathema front today.  I’m starting to think we might need to hire security for the shop, though.  It’s getting famous enough – and we have enough people famous for the right and wrong reasons, that we’re starting to get a few bad actors coming around.  I hate the idea of that, but…  Sabby agrees with me.  Especially because someone came sniffing around today asking Anathema why she quit her stream.  She was not happy and I don’t blame her.  And… we should have someone around for shows anyway.

Neither of us want to pay a guard but it’s becoming a necessary expense.

Oh…  I told Yuki what they want me to do, and she just laughed her butt off.  After she stopped wheezing, she told me to have fun, but not to expect much out of it.  Thankfully I was already thinking that way.  She said that if I end up going, and she can spare the time, she’ll buy a ticket and go with me.  That’s nice of her.  I’d still feel bad because it’s not Jack, but it’ll be really nice having someone who knows the business with me.

And… I think she kind of wants to dip a toe in.  She likes it here, but…  Japan is her home, and always will be.

Let me be clear:  This is a one off.  I have no desire to be an idol.  But these things happen to me for a reason, and I never really know what the reason is until I see them through, and…. this might be fun.  So… we’ll see.

I can’t wait to tell the girls what their little practical joke did.  Hahaha!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️


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