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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Today was boringly boring!  And COLD!!!  Soooo cold!  It was so cold Sabby made soup for lunch!  Sooo good!  Jack was laughing at me.  It’s only freezing here!  That’s a nice spring day in Ohio!  But it’s cold!!!  They were forecasting some light freezing rain, but as long as it’s not like snowpocalypse last year, I’ll take it!!!

Because of the threat of freezing rain, my driving classes were cancelled today.  That’s okay!  They said I can still graduate tomorrow!  I still have to keep my learner’s permit for six months, and then I can get a provisional license!  Yay!  I have to get a few more hours of experience driving anyway, and ten hours of that need to be at night.

I haven’t driven too much at night yet.

I told Jack that.  He said with headlights like mine, I should be fine.  I didn’t know whether to kiss him or smack him.  But since he’s in Ohio, I can’t do either!  I guess boys gonna boy.  Any other boy would just get smacked, but I love him, so…  he at least gets a bit of conflict.  Before I smack him.  Hahaha!!!

Sooo…  anything interesting to talk about tonight?  I guess some political stuff went on last night again.  Sigh.  I hate politics.  All people ever seem to do is argue about stuff they can’t directly control anyway.  Sabby and Dave were arguing a bit again, they don’t seem to think the same about things.  But they agree on a lot too.  I don’t really follow it though.  Bunch of old guys and women  arguing about stuff.  I’m sixteen!  I just need to worry about school and stuff!

Oh!  I haven’t told you about the piano!  And Japanese!  All the stuff going on and I forgot all about writing about it!  I’ve still been learning Japanese!  It’s a hard language so I haven’t been making a huge amount of progress, but I made some!  I know how to say some stuff!  私は猫です!猫が可愛いです!私の名前はリリーです!よろしくおねがいします!See?  Japanese!  My Japanese teacher is happy with my progress, though I wish I could learn faster!  And I only know a few kanji!  Booo!

And piano!  I’ve been practicing an hour a day!  I’m pretty good!  But I don’t know any of the names for the stuff I know!  So I’m having to learn all of the names and theory and stuff!  It’s not as hard as Japanese!  And I’ve got a couple of pieces to study!  My skills only go so far!  So I’m learning a Chopin piece!  It’s pretty and really hard!  They got me a really nice elecronic piano!  And you know what?  Beth wants to learn too!!!  Unlike Beth, I’m not jealous, so she can feel free, when I’m not using it!  I don’t know how serious she is but she’s actually practicing a little!

I suggested maybe Beth should learn trumpet because it’d make her a good kisser!  She blushed and told me what I could kiss, and it wasn’t a mouth!  Hahahha!!!  I told her Some things are for kissing and some are for swatting, and if she didn’t want a swatting, she’d refrain from making further suggestions like that.  She was about to retort when Sabby told us both to cut it out.


Tomorrow evening Allison comes over for the weekend!  YAAAAAAAY!!!  SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!  I’ve invited Liz and Crystal too, and we’re going to have soooo much fun, though we’ll have to be sure to play age appropriate games for Allison!  I bet she’ll love Crystal!

Love you all!!! ❤

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