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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

It was a nice, quiet day.  I like nice, quiet days.  Nothing happened.  Well, obviously something happened.  I got up this morning and ran – Liz ran with me this morning.  I had breakfast.  I did school.  I came home.  I did driving.  I chatted with Jack.  I’m here, writing to you all!

You know what?  I love you!  Yes, you!  You’re reading what I’m writing!  You care enough to follow me and learn all about me!  You know about Dave, and Sabby, and Beth, and David, and Cat, and Crystal, and Liz, and Jack, and Grace, and Allison, and Emiko and Aika and Mika and… and…  all of us!  I know some of you even read this!  Jack reads this!  Allison reads this!  Allison’s mother better be reading this so she knows if Allison should read it!!!  You love me, so I love you too!!!

And if you don’t love me, what’s wrong with you?  What’s not to love?  I’m cute, and sensitive, and smart, and beautiful, and I look amazing in that little black dress, and…  modest too!  I’m soooo modest!  Can you tell???  Or I’m a silly billy.  I’m a modest silly billy!  A willy nilly silly billy!!!  hahah!

Been a long time since I said that, right?

I’m just in a good mood.  I don’t know why!  My belly’s full, I chatted with Jack and he told me how much he loves me, and I ate a chocolate cookie, and… .and… life is great!  I love life!  Even when it’s hard and complicated and makes me cry.

Allison comes over this weekend!!! And so does Crystal!  I have to work but Beth likes Allison too!  She’ll have a good time!  Beth’s really smart and can teach Allison the secrets of the universe!  Or at least the secrets of shiny hair!!!

Some folks have been checking out Facebook!!  I need to write there!! And do some subscriber stuff too!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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