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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Accept no substitutes!  But there are no substitutes for me!  I’m a Made in the USA, genuine, high quality silly-billy Lily!  That’s me!  You can try to find a substitute for me, but you won’t!  Because I’m Lily!

Last night was fun!  It was so fun I forgot to write!  Beth and I got into a board game!  By the time we were done, it was too late, and we had to go to bed!  So no post last night.  But lucky you, you get a post tonight!

I hear that Allison really likes the books I sent her!  I’m glad!  She thanked me for them while I was here, and her mother says she’s been reading some more than once!  I picked well!  It’s hard, too…  I was lucky that David had some English manga books, because finding Japanese manga (even if translated) safe for an eight year old is no easy task!

But there’s not a lot going on, honestly.  Things are humming along.  Sabby’s been making cookies but keeping them down to a batch or two at a time, and that’s good, because we’re threatening to found a Cookies Anonymous, with her as the first member.  “Hi, I’m Sabby, and I like to make cookies.”  “Hi Sabby!”  Haha!  But cookies are tasty.  And she makes very good cookies.  So we’re only getting on her about the volume, not the quality.

So since it’s so quiet, what should I talk about?  I’ve been looking at Japan – not Japanese, but Japan.  Apparently my grandparents on my mother’s side live in Saitama.  That’s near Tokyo.  There’s lots of stuff in Saitama.  There’s…  trains.  Lots of trains.  And people.  And a large sports arena.  And…  that’s where Lucky Star was!  I like “Motteke!  Sailor Fuku!”  But it’s really hard to sing!  Maybe someday I’ll put on a cheerleader outfit and sing it!  I’m sure Jack would love that!

Aimai san senchi sorya punitte kotokai! CHO!

Tokyo is a big city!  Where I live is big.  A million people and new towers keep getting built every year!  But Tokyo is just building after building after building!  It’s amazing!  Buildings and trains and people and…  and otaku!  Sooooo much otaku stuff!  Idol groups!  Cute stuffed animals!  Maid cafes!  Seriously, what’s with the maid costumes anyhow???

Sabby still won’t let me have one!  Sorry Jack!

When I go to Japan I want to eat the food!  See the sights!  Speak Japanese with people!  Ride the trains!  Eat the food!  Did I mention eat the food?  Oh, and play games too!  They have lots of arcades, and purikura, and soooo much fun stuff there!  And I’m hafu!  That means I’m a gaijin that looks a little like them!  Emiko says we’ll go this summer, assuming the virus has gotten better.  I hope it has!  I want to eat Japanese food!  And Japanese chocolate!!!

Well, looks like I found stuff to talk about!  But now it’s time to go to bed!  I need my beauty sleep!  That’s how I keep my trim and athletic figure.  Well, that, and running, and not eating too many cookies!  But cookies!!! YUMM!!!!

Love you all!! ❤

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