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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

OMG it’s so fun having sisters!  Crystal came over for school, and she’ll be sleeping on the couch for a little while, anyway.  She and Beth hugged and were sooo happy to see each other!  I love that!  Sabby spent all that time looking for a friend for Beth and she found one in the weirdest way!  Crystal had so much to tell us!  She moved into a new house with her parents, and she has her own room with a shower of her own!  It makes me think of all the stuff I take for granted.

She’s been talking to her therapist too, and it seems to have helped.  She’s still a little shy and skittish, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but she knows that nothing that happened is her fault, so that’s progress.  It’s sad, but she’s doing well.  I didn’t post last night because we had a mini slumber party and we were playing games and eating cookies (we had some left over and Crystal hadn’t overdosed on cookies yet!) and brushing each other’s hair!  Crystal has the thickest hair ever, it’s so nice!

And I signed up for driving school!  It costs a bit but it’ll be worth it!  And after that I can get my learners permit and start driving!  Sabby seems a bit hesitant but we’ll take my car!  So if I mess up, I deal with the dings and dents!  I went out and started it (I’ve been doing that every few days just to keep it tip top) and checked all the fluid levels!  Everything’s great!  It starts next week  after school!

Let’s see, what else.  OH!  The lawyer finally got back!  He was taking a vacation (who could blame the guy) and told me that it might take a bit to straighten everything out but my SSN and birthday is now what it was at birth!  September 23!  But my legal name is still Lily Smith, I was legally adopted!  An adoption can change a name, but not a birthday!  So now I have to take all that info to the owner and get that changed, and the lawyer is going to call the IRS and get that straightened out.  Doesn’t sound fun!  Oh and I have to do taxes too this year!  Maybe I’ll get a refund!  Wouldn’t that be cool!  The lawyer also verified the trust – it’s legit.  Though he’s as mystified as everyone else as to where it came from.  He thinks it might have been an insurance payout of some kind, but…. who knows!  He doesn’t know who sent me the info either!  He’s not sure we should dig too deeply.  Sabby told him to do what he thinks best.  He did contact the trust administrator and got details as to how it’s being invested.  Maybe I can’t touch it until I’m eighteen, but we can at least find out if it’s being managed well.  He ran it by one of his financial friends and they said everything’s fine.  So…  I’ve got money.  shrug.  Is it weird that I don’t care?  I’ve got everything I need already.  I’ve got family, and friends, and a boyfriend, and what else could a girl want?

But no, I’m not giving any of it away.  I promised Sabby, and besides, if I’m smart I can do a lot with that.  Hopefully.

Oh, speaking of boyfriend, Jack is soooo sweet!  There was a knock at the door and there was a package!  Jack sent me a gift!  It was CHOCOLATE!!!!! OMG!!!  Not the cheap kind either, but the expensive melts in your mouth satiny stays on your tongue and kisses you while it melts kind!!!  OMG!!!!  SO GOOD!  And Jack’s… perfect.  So perfect.  Oh my God I love that boy so, so much.  Not because he sends me chocolate.  But let me tell you, it doesn’t hurt at all!!!  I’d send him something too but there are laws against that, so I guess I’ll just have to thank him properly next time I see him.  Hear that, Jack?  I’m going to kiss you within an inch of your life!!!!

I wish every girl had a boy that sent them something they like as much as I like chocolate!!!

Maybe I can send him cookies…  but if I do it’ll be cookies I make myself.

Anyway, Crystal wants to play a board game before bed!  So fun!  I love having little sisters!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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