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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s FRIDAY!!!

 I did payroll today and did all the financial stuff.  That’s my job!!!  Sabby double checks me but I have software that helps and she mostly just leaves me to it.  I just put in their hours and out pops paychecks!  It even handles direct deposit!  It’s great!!!  But we’ll have taxes to do for last year now!!!  We’re going to hire a real accountant for that!!!

Gotta give forms to everyone so they can file theirs, and send witholdings, and all that fun stuff!  It’s complicated!!!  But nothing we can’t handle.

I learned a lot at school!!!

But other than that…  Ai’s back home, and she’s happy to be home!!!  But she loved Texas too!  I mean, who doesn’t?  We’ve got a lot to love!  We’ve got.. BBQ and pizza and horses and cowgirl hats and boots and…  Clint, apparently!!!  haha!!!  She’s kinda heartbroken!  But that’s alright, they’ll figure it out, or not.  At least she got a kiss out of it!

Oh and she’s going to get a dog!!!  Turns out Hiroshi wants one too!  So they’re going to get a nice dog.  Maybe a shiba inu?  They’re cool dogs, and very smart too.  Or should I say, much smart very dog wow.

Jack and Crystal and Diana and Liz are back at school now, and next Monday I’m supposed to start doing some school stuff, though my ACC classes don’t start until like the 17th.  But right now, it’s Friday!

Honestly, though, I wanted a quiet Friday.  So Beth is up in her room with her friends, and Liz is over, but we’re just kinda taking it easy.  No big girl-pile tonight.  I’m just not in the mood.  I’m not depressed or anything like that, I’m just… well, we’ve done so much stuff over the past couple of weeks.  Christmas, New Years, Ai, all that stuff..  running around, getting presents, eating food, working at the shop…  just so much stuff.  I…  I’m just not in the mood.

I love my friends.  I do!  But…  I’m tired.

Liz can snuggle with me though if she wants.  She can always snuggle with me.  She’s my BFF.  I love her.

Okay, time for bed!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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