This diary entry is part 7 of 28 in Lily's diary dated 19 - January 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And what an awful night!

Well, today was alright.  Had breakfast, had a run, walked Marie, you know the usual.  Spent a bit of time at the shop, wanted to see how Katie was doing (she’s fine but a little anxious).  You know, the usual.  No, it became awful tonight.

Jack and I went on a date.

That wasn’t what was awful about it.  Well, not directly.  We had a nice meal and were heading back to his house.

The car got a flat.

We were driving down the tollway in his car and it just went BOOM.  He pulled over to the side, and the cars were whizzing by, and it was SCARY.  He didn’t know what to do, but I did!

Dave taught me!!!

I told him to either stay in the car or watch me, I rummaged through his trunk and found some flares, which I lit and put down.  Then I grabbed the jack and the stand and the donut, loosened the nutty things, replaced the tire, and tightened everything down.  Then I put everything back in his trunk and told him we need to get home via surface roads, Dave told me you can’t go fast on donut tires.  So we got off the next exit and made our way back.

He didn’t really say much to me.  He seemed angry for some reason.

I asked him what I did wrong.

He said “nothing”.  But that’s all he said.

We got back to his place, he gave me a quick kiss, told me goodnight, and went inside.  I just watched him go, got in my car, and went home.

He hasn’t talked to me since.

I don’t know what I did wrong.  I really don’t.

I asked Dave what I did wrong.

Dave just sighed and said “he’s probably embarrassed that he didn’t know how to do it and is taking it out on you.”

Well, then, he should have learned how to do it!  It’s not hard!  You just do this and that and loosen nutty things and tighten nutty things and all done!  But…  maybe Dave’s right.

It’ll be okay, I guess.

But I’m still hurt.  I didn’t do anything wrong.

I did give Dave a big hug, though, for teaching me how to do that.  He was right.  He’s always right.  Except when he puts cayenne pepper in chocolate.  Ewwww.

Love you all!!! ❤

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